DokeV dev talks about world size, finding Dokebi, multiplayer features, and the pivot away from an MMORPG

There are a great number of us who are intrigued by DokeV, the colorful multiplayer open world game being crafted by Pearl Abyss full of battling monsters and interesting modern vistas. While it does appear that we’re going to be waiting a while before this one comes out, there’s an interview with lead producer Sangyoung Kim (broken up into three parts because sure why not) that offers just a few more pieces of information on top of what was shared with Korean press last month.

First — and perhaps most important to a lot of our readers — is the question of why DokeV moved away from being an MMORPG to a self-described open world action-adventure game. According to Kim, it was a simple matter of changing vision:

“We’ve had a lot of discussions about the game’s direction while working on DokeV and as the result, we concluded that making it an open-world action-adventure game allows us to best express our vision for the game. Now we are going in the direction of enjoying the diverse gameplay in the vast open world.”

While the majority of the game’s story beats will be single-player, there will be some multiplayer fun to be had in the world as well, both in co-op PvE form like world boss battles and PvP features that seek to encourage friendly competition and good sportsmanship. Speaking of the game’s story, Kim further confirms that the Dokebi monsters players can find and summon can have different means of being captured beyond just whaling away on them until they’re too weak to resist, as players will have to follow clues and read each Dokebi’s unique backstory to figure out how to befriend them.

Additionally, Kim talked about the game world’s size, once again noting that the recent gameplay trailer showed off about 10% of the explorable real estate DokeV will offer. In fact, exploring the world and finding adventure is described as the primary focus for the game, and players will have no shortage of transportation means such as skateboards, gliders, jet skis, cars, and alpacas.

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