The Bladesworn is Guild Wars 2’s Warrior Elite Specialization

The Bladesworn is Guild Wars 2's Warrior Elite Specialization

The Bladesworn wields a gun saber, which is just what it sounds like. If surprising your enemies with the power of a gun and a longsword sounds like your style of doing things, well look no further than this specialization. Oh, and you can also use magic cartridges to enhance your attacks.

The newly released spotlight adds to the three new elite specializations we’ll get to see in the next beta event. So far, we have the Vindicator for the Revenant, and now the Bladesworn. There will be one more reveal before the beta begins on September 21st and goes through the 25th.

Here’s what you can expect from this beta event. Similar to the first round, anyone can play in this coming beta event. There will be an option when you log in to choose a beta character slot. Since each round tests three new elite specializations, there will be three slots that, when used, let you have an equipped level 80 beta character that can take on a specialization that is featured during that event. This will apply for accounts with any level characters.

As these tests will take place in the lands you know in Tyria, there’s no new content, so you won’t need to have bought the expansion to participate. All beta characters you make will be deleted after the beta period ends. None of the expansion content will feature, so you’ll have to test these temporary characters in current content. Anyone playing their existing characters or creating new, non-beta characters, will progress as usual and that will stick around.

There will be a special pre-beta preview stream of the elite specializations via the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. This takes place on Friday, September 17th at noon Pacific. For more on the event, the special stream details, and more, head over to the official announcement post here.

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