Take Some Victory Laps with This Exclusive Twitch Prime Pathfinder Skin

Buddy check!

Everyone should always know where their swimming buddy is, and with Pathfinder’s newest getup, your squadmates will never be in doubt. While Pathfinder is not a legally-certified lifeguard and probably isn’t the strongest swimmer, he’s great at pulling any wayward Legend buddies back to safety. Plus his purely decorative flotation devices will stand out in any environment! So get ready to give your Legend pals high fives at the next buddy check — you’ve all done a super job so far! It’s safe to say this summer you’ll be swimming with confidence — and your foes will be swimming with the fishies.

Walk, don’t run, to pick up your Pathfinder Swim Buddy today! No Running!

Swimming Buddy Pathfinder is available July 16 – August 24. Plus, we wanted to let you know we like you, so we made you this Mix Tape Gun Charm, available free to Twitch Prime Subscribers from July 20 to August 27.

Are you B-side yourself with excitement??

Check out the Apex Legends Twitch Prime page to grab them for yourself, and we’ll see you in the Arena!

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