Swords of Legends Online offers a moon-filled festival for players to enjoy


We’re going to go ahead and make a bold statement: The moon is the prettiest lifeless space rock locked in perpetual orbit around our planet. And Swords of Legends Online apparently agrees because the game is kicking off a whole moon festival dedicated to the big shiny moon from now until October 7th. You can sit on Starmirror Island, swing on a tree swing, and really admire the space rock with a whole bunch of rabbits hopping around you. What more could you ask for?

Actual content? Have some minigames, then. Players can take part in a path-matching memory game for the Road to the Moon Palace and release lanterns into the sky alone or with fellow players. These events will offer rewards for players to get some exclusive rewards. You can get a sense for the whole festival in the trailer just below, or you can just hop in and start celebrating the heck out of the moon by playing with rabbits. Can’t go wrong with rabbits.

Source: Official Site

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