Prosperous Universe Mobile Coming, Possible October Release

Prosperous Universe Mobile Coming, Possible October Release

Prosperous Universe is seeing some significant updates lately, as the 2021.4 build went out a few days ago. With the release of the new build, several devs took to a diary to discuss some of what they’ve been seeing and what is to come.

The update added mid and high tier market makers to stimulate and shift the economy and response has been mixed, with some feedback noting the mid level ones were seeing buy orders that were too high and other somewhat unintended effects. Because of the player-driven nature of the economy and balance, the team will monitor the situation and make sure that nothing is tilting too far into farming bases as a main strategy.

In terms of features and what they’re looking to add in, it seems like the bones are more or less there, and what is left are framing and polish. With that said, they note that “In software, there’s a difference between “done” and “ready to hit the public”. The latter will happen before the end of October, though”. So it looks like we’ll see a final version out in the coming weeks.

There are still lots of things to add and work on that still need to be refined and polished, but coming soon will be NPC contracts, which will function in a similar way to quests in other games. TheProsperous Universemobile UI is also on its way. The push for mobile is on a different schedule though, since it received some public funding in Germany but the team is at work on it and applied for the age certification under German rules.

One issue they’re still working through is how to handle their long-term growth goals. The game has been growing as more people discover it, and they’re figuring out what to do with the issue of limited space for new players. For the full dev diary, check the post here.

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