Kickstarted MMO sandbox Fractured enters fall alpha on September 22

Dynamight Studios is gearing up for Fractured’s next testing phase, as it’s announced this week that the fall alpha will begin on September 22nd. Notably, players will be testing new abilities, world events, PvP sieges, new points of interest, new monsters, treasure hunting, lockpicking, an expansion for gear and crafting, and an “overhaul of [the] in-game marketplace and player attributes.”

“The update introduces a number of new abilities, world events, an overhaul of its equipment progression system, and much more. The three-week Fall Alpha phase gives would-be adventurers the chance to test out Fractured’s new content while providing valuable feedback to the development team. Since its successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018, Dynamight Studios has felt player feedback to be an integral part of the development process and has identified their active and dedicated community as the studio’s most important asset.”

“Last – but certainly not least – Dynamight Studios will push its servers to the limits to ensure thousands of players can interact in the same world once Fractured releases in 2022,” the official announcement reads. Readers will recall that the sandbox has been in development since before its 2018 Kickstarter, during which it pulled in over $130,000.

Source: Press release

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